Precisely why Did Robby & His Ex-Girlfriend Breakup? ‘The Bachelorette’ Star’s Previous Should Be Raised

This cast of

The Bachelorette

must be one of the craziest actually ever. In fact, i do believe simple fact is that weirdest, most dangerous, dysfunctional folks that

The Bachelorette

has actually collected in a single room and made to battle across same woman. Chad has actually outrage problems and eats sweet carrots like oranges. Jordan claims he’s regarding tv show for love yet , I just think the guy would like to end up being popular. And Robby, oh Robby.
Previews for the rest of JoJo’s period
show that you will find hearsay that Robby features a sweetheart in the home or recently dumped anyone to embark on the tv show. The guy claims inside the previews that is not the truth, therefore
the reason why


Robby with his ex-girlfriend split?

Really, basic things very first —
Robby’s ex-girlfriend’s name’s Hope Higginbotham
, and Reality Steve claimed that
she and Robby had been collectively for four years
before the guy dumped the woman in January of 2016, right before filming. Robby denied this on the show, and Hope hasn’t however answered Bustle’s request comment. According to Reality Steve, the ultimate casting week-end for

The Bachelorette

is actually conclusion of January/beginning of March. Based on this Instagram picture, Hope and Robby were together because lately as November of 2015. There is once you understand whenever or exactly why this couple performed split, but their breakup doesn’t mean that’s the finally time


fans will hear from Hope.

Fact Steve (that guy, I swear) reported that


villain Chad, who’s
set-to get on

Bachelor In Paradise

starting August 2
, had been viewed on Snapchat getting together with Hope. I mean, huh?

Why are both of these going out? The villain and also the ex-girlfriend? I have a few ideas. (Chad and Hope have not yet answered Bustle’s request review.)

They Are Simply Trolling People

That is what Reality Steve believes, and that is the things I think, as well. Hope and Chad are making an effort to trigger a stir. Chad is extremely self-aware and also wise together with his marketing (
his Twitter is actually a goldmine
), so possibly they can be both wanting to extend their own fifteen minutes of reputation. After all, Glance At Chad’s Instagram. There’s really no way this isn’t fake. This is actually the a lot of possible description.

They Truly Are Crazy

This, in my opinion, is the least probable, but stranger everything has absolutely happened, specifically on

The Bachelor


The Bachelorette

. Their particular whole community is really so incestuous, and lots of the people and gals stay buddies following demonstrate that I guess it’s easier than you think meet up with the pals, family, plus exes of fellow cast people. Possibly Chad and Hope are a match manufactured in paradise? Everyone is deserving of you to definitely feel my age and consume sweet carrots with, you are sure that?

This Might Be A Producer Red Herring

Judging through the previews for the period, the greatest storylines tend to be Chad getting Chad and Robby having a girlfriend. This “relationship” could possibly be merely a ploy from manufacturers to improve scores.

Although we have no idea why Robby and Hope split up, the timing are going to be called into concern from the program. Additionally, there is anything truly fishy relating to this Chad and Hope thing. We will see what JoJo thinks — most likely, she is the one which needs to accept it.

Pictures: Rick Rowell/ABC;

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